A Little About David Hilner


David got interested in photography 10+ years ago, starting with the most basic camera and lens, he set out to learn just how it all works, from wildlife photography to car and racing photography, he has taken his passion and skills and turned them into a business that can reflect his creative side of photography.

David Hilner is the exclusive photographer for the Buffalo Street Outlaws and in 2017 has done some freelance work for Dragzine, shooting 2 NMRA events at Maple Grove Raceway in PA and National Trails Raceway in Ohio. In 2017, David has also joined the Nikon Professional Services Team.

" I like to treat this as a hobby, once you start looking at this more as a business, you lose the love for it and it just is not fun anymore, it is more of a job and that is what i never want to experience"

All photography provided by David Hilner Photography


Buffalo vs Syracuse Shootout at ESTA Safety Park in Cicero, NY 2017

Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is
— Ansel Adams
 Jeff Lutz

Jeff Lutz



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